Welcome to the World of Dominatrix Sensua, & Her World of Femdom, The House Of Obedience. Centurion Pretoria. 


 Professionally trained FEMDOM and BDSM Dominatrix for those discerning BDSM and Kink fanatics. 
If you interested in FEMDOM or Kink interactions in the BDSM lifestyle, you may enter - if u dare!!!! The dark alley of my World of BDSM Kink. 
Herzlich willkommend auf meiner advert….                         
Auf den folgende seiten erhaltst
Du einen überblick zu meiner
Person und meinen tatigkeitsbereic Hen.
Gerne darfst du mir auch einen
Gastebucheintr ag hinterlassen
Auf bald domina s e n s u a..,

About Me
As a professional dominatrix, I believe in the law of principles:
I am in charge!!!!
I am not a switch at all!!!
I am not a prostitute thus no Sex and Nudity from me. (Do not even dare to ask)
I am professional lifestyle Dominatrix and practice the art of BDSM for more than 18 years. 
I am a natural Dominatrix never needed “cupcakes for breasts or falsies”. My body is sacred, no scars of self-inflicted cuts or body alterations. I do not have underlined anxiety or anorexic issues a tell-tale sign of desperation. This is a total red alert hence “Trust factor” between Dominant and Slave run the risk to be compromised. 


I am confident and level-headed no low self-esteem issues – I am no walk over. Believe in FIFO (Fit In or F – Off)
Gorgeous upper class Dominatrix - Every male slave’s dream.
Very skilled as a professional lifestyle disciplinarian, typical what is required from a Pro-Dom.
Very strict and can also be loveable and caring. You will only have eyes for me slave.


What cut me from others is simple, I mind my own business, and I have full confidence in what I offer in BDSM and apply strict BDSM principles. I do not use any form of Alcohol, Drugs or substances the altered the mind in my sessions. I am not desperate and neither petty towards others, I respect people for they are.
Extremely sexy and very well presented in appearance Dominatrix, tell-tale sign of trustworthiness.
Fully trained in Europe with two international diplomas and years of on hand experiences I level myself as professional and passionate Lifestyle Dominatrix

To be a professional Dominatrix (Pro-Dom), I am meticulous in respect of (a) my dungeon, (b) my way I dress , (c). General appearance.
I master the art in handling of equipment and instruments for my pleasure and your pain!!!. . The handling of instruments with firm and frightening skills will turn your world upside down.

BDSM Dungeon/Studio
My well-equipped studio offers a lot of opportunities for a high level BDSM session. With a large collection of equipment and special furniture, I am able enough to cater for all fetishes.


Expectation during a Session
During a session you can expect, Mistress to be excellent sensually enticing dressed, appearance just gorgeously upper class. As slave you will experience a mix of erotic and often painful sadistic touch, all with balance and utmost dominant care. 


Services Offered
My services as a lifestyle Dominatrix includes but not limited to the following, if anything specific not listed below please, be so polite and made it known so that we can discuss it in detail and perhaps we can tailor a session to satisfy your dark desire need. 

Tie and Tease

Caning from slight ,medium to heavy . All with varies Role-play Scenarios

Electro play

Full interrogation restraint play

Suspension and bondage.

Breath play.

Cock and Ball torture

Whipping Foot and boot fetishes.


Strap on play

Forced Bi (With assistance of my Personal Slave)
Medical play

Very Important to take cognizance the following of which I do not cater for in BDSM or Kink play as part of my services:

Adult Baby play
Blood sport
Scat play
Sex in any form

BDSM Studio/ Dungeon
My Studio is well equipped with specific BDSM equipment and furniture.
Caning Bench
Bondage bed
Torture Chair with full restraint capability
Stretch Rack
Whipping Post
St Andrews Cross
Fuck Machine
Breath play system
Straps and paddles
Masks of all sorts
Nipple Torture devices
Violet wand for Electro play
My Stim Electro play kit
Urethral sounds

Booking Terms and Conditions
Prior booking a session please read the below terms and conditions carefully.

I will only take bookings via mobile phone and Whats App's as the communication medium. You are welcome get in touch:

Mobile +27 (0)83-716-4086

My working hours -

Mon to Fri:

11am to 5pm & 8pm to 10pm. (Last confirmed booking not later than 9pm)

My working Hours - Sat: 11am to 2pm (No Booking after 1pm)

(In only extreme occasions subject my availability will I take bookings after 2pm and after 8pm to 11pm on Saturdays) 

Public holidays 11am to 2pm (Call for confirmation and availability)

All sessions need to be booked well in advance, and at least 12 hours prior the planned session. I expect a confirmation 2 hours in advance on the day of the session. Kindly take note I do not do a now for now session, I run a busy schedule and need to proper plan all potential visits.


For those that so seriously want to be a personal slave and keep on enquire, please read carefully my view and stance on the matter.
I do not need or want any personal slave, I am fortunate to have a dedicated personal slave already as my play pet and support structure, which support me in my business in every way.

Read the Elite Mistress Blog where I have shared some Play with My Personal slave Second Blog Posting

My Experience and Session with Mistress Sensua. 

Lifestyle play By slave glimp.


When you plan to visit my studio, and we agree to engage in FEMDOM, BDSM activities, understand that you are a voluntary participant in all activities. 

My years of experience taught me well and I am able to observe and read people very well, however you still need to take full responsibility and apply the agreed safety measures we agreed upon prior the session. When you wish to stop the session this need to be communicated to me based on our pre-session discussion and agreement!

On first sessions – I will have a 10 min pre-session discussion to determine your experience and the hard and soft limits. 

Experienced players that plan to visit me for the first time; I expect a comprehensive background on what your level of experience is, your likes and dislikes. The hard limits and soft limits associated with BDSM.